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2020 has pushed companies around the world to innovate quickly. In particular, the lockdowns have taught us how to be effective workers from home.

On March 13th, we were forced to temporarily close our office in Barcelona. We packed up computers and monitors and moved them to our living rooms and extra bedrooms. And we had no idea that we were saying good bye to the office for good.

Fast forward eight months later, and Akommo is now officially a digital by design company.

This means that I've made the decision to keep our physical office closed in favor of a highly effective remote work model until Q2 of 2021. I expect, however, that this will be a permanent move towards remote work for myself and the Akommo team.

Prior to 2020, the assumption was that the best work happens in an office. But I believe this mentality is old and out of date.

A home office can be just as effective as a corporate office. The digital tools we have today - tools we were already using in the office - make remote collaboration and communication easy. And it can contribute to higher levels of concentration (open offices are not quiet places).

It also saves each person on my team an average of one hour per day in commute time - time that can be spent working towards a healthier work/life balance. It allows us to better manage our personal tasks and at home responsibilities.

Akommo has been quietly moving towards this for years. Since 2014, office hours have been flexible and my team has been free to arrive/leave the office at any time. Work from home requests were always granted. Holidays were taken any time of year.

This is a natural step forward for Akommo, and a testament to our strong company culture. It requires trust, and a great team.

There will, of course, be significant challenges with this move. We have a lot to improve. But we are choosing a path of innovation that will greatly benefit both the company, our clients, and the quality of life of every person working at Akommo.

I'm excited about this new phase and the opportunities it creates. Letting go of physical ties to an office promotes freedom. We can work from home, or an Airbnb in the mountains. We can recruit anywhere in the world. We can plan business trips with clients in other countries without worrying about losing 'office time'. It's all online.

While there will always be a need for office space for many (mostly large) companies, I do believe that remote work and a digital first approach is here to stay. And I'm committing Akommo to it today.

P.S. Some of you have argued the importance of the human connection and the value of being in the same room. I 100% agree. Our team will continue to meet physically at least once every two weeks.

However, we will meet at hotel and event spaces around Barcelona, leveraging the opportunity to connect with existing partners, explore new locations, and meet new suppliers, and produce new content pieces.

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