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I've been looking forward to interviewing Ashanti since last summer. A self proclaimed "event technology geek", this is a very fun conversation.

Ashanti is a true virtual events expert, and in this episode we tackle big event technology subjects like:

  • Being an entrepreneur during the pandemic
  • How to define Event Technology in 2021
  • How to categorise all the different types of event technologies
  • Why to focus on your needs and not your wants
  • The steps required to choose an event platform
  • How to improve diversity and inclusion in your own organisation

Ashanti is exceptionally well-spoken and I love how she presents her ideas so clearly.

Whether you're an amateur virtual event producer or a seasoned veteran, this is a great listen. Enjoy!

Connect with Ashanti ๐Ÿค

On the Web: www.eventmindpro.com // www.diversityally.co.uk

Instagram: @eventmindpro // @diversityally

Facebook: www.facebook.com/EventMind-102963764925395

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ashantibd/

About Ashanti

Ashanti is the founder of Event Mind and the co-founder of Diversity Ally.

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