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This week we present the final episode of our three part series with Sabrina Meyers, the social media guru for the events industry. Today we speak about:

  1. How do I gain followers, or is that even a good metric?
  2. How do you measure ROI for your social media campaign?

Sabrina, as always, is a great guest and an engaging speaker. Hope you enjoy the show.

Connect with Sabrina

YouTube: www.youtube.com/hothospitalityexchange

On the Web: www.hothospitalityexchange.co

LinkedIn: Sabrina Meyers

LinkedIn Page: Hot Hospitality Exchange / Two Social Media Chicks

Facebook: Hot Hospitality Exchange / Two Social Media Chicks

Twitter: @hothospitalitye

Instagram: @hothospitalitye / @twosocialmediachicks

About Sabrina

Sabrina Meyers is an independent event planner as well as the founder of Hot Hospitality Exchange, her brand and platform where she creates visual content from a MICE and event planners’ perspective mainly on Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn as well as Facebook and Twitter.

She’s also co-founder of newly launched social media creative agency, Two Social Media Chicks which consults with clients in the events and lifestyle industry on social media content creation, coaching, marketing and strategy.

She’s a very active voice in the global events community and big believer in creative collaboration and all things #eventprofs related!

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Thanks for listening.

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