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I was mesmerised when I first saw Mike perform. In a two-minute clip on LinkedIn, here was an #eventprof evolving his live corporate show to a virtual space.

I thought, "If this guy can keep me engaged from the other side of the Atlantic, he's got something to teach all virtual event planners".

Mike is a mind reader and magician by trade, but his true skills are entertaining and keeping your attention. Listen and learn.

Connect with Mike

On the Web: http://magicmeansbusiness.com/

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/mikeduseberg

LinkedIn Page: linkedin.com/company/magicmeansbusiness

Instagram: @MagicMeansBusiness

About Mike

Mike Duseberg entertains at corporate incentive events and meetings, as well as trade shows, hospitality suites, and golf events throughout North America.  

Not only does he do magic and mind-reading that guests are talking about for years to come, he approaches each event with a business-oriented mindset.  His unique approach to performing helps his clients build rapport and create camaraderie among their guests, facilitating follow up calls and positioning them as friends and trusted advisors.  

He’s entertained at the US Open, The PGA Championship, and the Ryder Cup Matches, as well as every night at The Masters in August, GA since 2009.  Clients include Fortune500 companies including Emerson, duPont, Fluor, and PPG, as well as some of the most exclusive golf clubs in the world.

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Jeff Bezos’ on how events should think about the next ten years:  https://www.magicmeansbusiness.com/blog/bezos

How to Help Your Sales Reps and Execs Build Rapport With Their Customers at Your Hospitality Event:  https://www.magicmeansbusiness.com/blog/buildingrapport

Creating the Memories That Make Your Event Unforgettable:  https://www.magicmeansbusiness.com/blog/eventemotions

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