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The Best Social Media Posts from the Events Industry.

Today's power posts blog is being written by a very special guest - Sabrina Meyers!

She is a global #eventprof and the go-to for all things social media and online visibility. Be sure to check her out and give her a follow on Instagram here.

Now let's kick it off! On 2 July 2005, ten LIVE 8 concerts were organised by Bob Geldof as a global call for action against poverty. The concerts took place in G8 member countries hoping to put pressure on the meeting of political leaders to do more for the world's poor. The concerts featured famous pop icons like Paul McCartney, U2, George Michael, Madonna, Sting, Elton John, Coldplay and more! The concert in London played to 150,000 viewers in the main arena and another 50,000 watching on large screen in other parts of Hyde Park.

Enjoy this little video from the concert series and yes, it was a success because G8 finance ministers agreed to cancel the debt owed by 18 of the world's poorest countries even before the concerts began!

Now let's see the best social media content this week fresh from the Events community! DM me⤴ or send it to [email protected]‌ if I've missed one.


This week sees the exciting return of one of the biggest congresses in the world, the Mobile World Congress to Barcelona, Spain. Team Akommo is on-site and supporting a client the entire week and it has been incredible to be back running an in-person event again! They are not the only ones there as #eventprof Sina Bunte is sharing her #MWC21 experiences as an invited guest of the Catalunya Convention Bureau. They're creating some fantastic content to be shared so be sure to follow her on LinkedIn!

What to post on your different social media platforms is certainly a question that comes up often so this is a great post from Jill Hawkins on if LinkedIn is starting to feel like Facebook. What do you think? Definitely read the comments for some great insights and thoughts from other #eventprofs.

We have certainly been thrown into the data deep end in the last year and for many of us #eventprofs it's a world that we're learning to understand more in order to be able to put the findings to great use in our events and for our clients so this is a great post from Nyomi Rose on data appropriation.

Ever wondered what it takes to own a room? Then this post from Max Fellows is definitely going to give you the low-down.

I simply had to put this post in because well, we can all definitely relate!

As we see the return to glimpses of life as we knew it, holidays and in-person events and gatherings, this post from Leanne Calderwood is definitely is timely and relevant in that resources, situations and circumstances have all changed so keep that in mind.


Great insights from Padraic Gilligan on the opportunities for incentive travel professionals and remote working.

Connection is everything.

Bring your LinkedIn bio photo to life!


Well in honor of Social Media Day that happens on 30 June every year, the go-to for all things social media within the events industry definitely gets a feature!

We love being a part of #eventprofswalk - it's such a wonderful community born out of the nasty pandemic and it continues to bring us on walks with eventprofs from around the globe!

What a fantastic way to announce that a hotel is 'back'. Check out this fantastic clip from Excelsior Hotel Ernst in Cologne, Germany who put the local philharmonic orchestra across their beautiful terraces to play amazing music as a way to welcome back guests to the property and city!

Great post from The MICE Blog who hosted their weekly Twitter chats on current, relevant industry topics such as this week's 'Why free events will not help you grow' and here are some answers from eventprofs on a specific important question  from the chat. Make sure to join this chat if you can - it's every Monday on @EventPlannersTalk Twitter account from 8pm - 9pm BST/9pm - 10pm CEST.

Great REEL from Juliet Tripp on something we #eventprofs know all too well.


How to be successful in the events industry? Well this #eventprof is dishing out 100 tips! Be sure to check him out and follow to get all the insights.


75/100 tips for Event Managers ##100tips ##mentor ##advice ##knowledge ##lifestyle ##eventmanagement ##aspire ##parallelblue ##eventstraveller ##fyp ##goodluck

♬ Dance Music - TimTaj

Negotiating on price is always hard and something we've come to know all too well in our industry. But we're not alone in this battle! A great tip and way to field those pricing conversations.


When a client has $$$ but doesn’t want to pay! ##business ##design ##thefuturishere @thechrisdo @melindalivsey

♬ original sound - thefutur

Marketing is changing constantly so getting certified for free from some top organisations is always a great idea for you and your brand! Lifelong learning am I right?


##careeradvice ##cvtipsandtricks ##marketing101 ##digitalmarketing ##socialmediamarketing ##learnintiktok

♬ Somebody to love Basstrologe Bootleg - mthekyng

Is your target audience on Tiktok? And how can you find them to create content to get them?


Get seen by your target audience! ##LearnOnTikTok ##smallbusinesstips ##socialmediamarketing ##instagramtips ##instagrammarketing ##smallbusinesssupport

♬ April (No Vocals) - The Young Ebenezers

This ends our #PowerPost for the week! If you like it, please share. If you want to nominate a post for next week - let us know at [email protected]!

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