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Can you believe we are almost half way through the year? It's June already, where did all those months go? June is also Pride Month and all brands are already showing up rainbow colours! What are you doing for the LGBTQ+ community yourself?

Now let's see the rainbows & inclusive social media content fresh from this week! DM me or send it to [email protected]‌ if I've missed one.


Are you certified? Would you say this money & time investment was worth the knowledge and possible income reach from it?

Would you agree that marketers would be better than event planners to sell digital events?

Business, Design & Stratgy summit - June 3rd. What were the key takeaways for you?

Sparkle, Polish & Shine. We love this. What else did you learn attending the EventMB event on tech innovation this week?

What an interesting way for Germany's Convention Bureau to get attention: summer training for free on hybrid events!

Such an incredible feeling to finally meet face to face after all these months speaking through a screen. What's your first sentence when you meet for the first time in real life?

Huge step for parents who can now be recognised for the full time job it is to stay at home raising mini humans. Thank you Linkedin for valuing this!

The LGBT+ community from the Events industry has many allies and that's where you'll find some of them!


ISE: Integrated Systems Europe happened this week for the very first time in Barcelona as it was previously taking place in Amsterdam. Do I need to specify this tradeshow was hybrid?  There is ISE Digital with VOD on demand and there will be ISE London (23-24 June). Another tradesow comeback success story, keep them coming!

From a legal standpoint, the advice is: stay broad on restrictions. Great conversation on Twitter with #TheEventVaxDebate.

For the past 15 months, we created a strong, resilient & loving community in the events & hospitality industry. Yet it's only the starting point of our growth, let's welcome everyone!

Cybersecurity will be a new training topic for all EventProfs learning online & virtual events.

Virtual reality was for many scary a few years back but now it's everywhere. How will you integrate this into your live events? How will this affect your budget, engagement, networking?

Las Vegas is getting booked up again and I have a feeling EventProfs will be checking what the gaming industry is up to 🧐


We will never repeat it enough, we can do more to be sustainable!

Can we actually teach & train our clients to be better?

Save the date: September 3rd, 2021. Here comes the hybrid event from the MICE GURU: The Digital Disruptor. Do you know what's #emocurrency?

Diversity will have a place every week at Akommo & in the Power Post because we know society still has a long road ahead to be truely inclusive. There are many resources you can use to make sure you're not just rainbow/green/yellow/black-washing for marketing purpose!

#GED2021, on June 2nd we celebrated Global Exhibition Day. We miss seeing those smiling faces at tradeshows!

Being an event planner you have to stay informed about new trends and updated local situation to make the best decision for your guests & team. In Europe things are easing up but this one will still be virtual:


We only get 24 hours each day. Each of us decide which priorities we push for each day. You name your 4 big rocks. Great time management tip!


Time management for moms who run businesses ##mompreneur ##mompreneurs ##mumpreneur ##mombusinessowner ##busymommy ##timemanagementtips

♬ original sound - Rachel Pedersen

Moments that matter, the EventProfs documentary is fundraising. Will you be 1 of the #1001EventProfs? Also did you share your story? Would you support the industry raising awareness on the work we do and what it means?


♬ original sound - Wisdom Kaye

Sales & email marketing sometimes hit a wall when you don't have the right email address or contact details. Here's one tool that can help to find the email you need for your next booking. Not sure if this is good or bad, but we're all stalkers thanks to Hunter now!


NEED THE CEO’S EMAIL? This is how you do it. ##marketing ##sales ##marketer ##salestips ##marketingtips ##marketinghacks ##saleshacks ##salesadvice ##salestips

♬ original sound - Digital Marketing Specialist

Hashtags tips to grow your online presence & business growth:


Answer to @granigold LETS GO! ##tiktokgrowthhelp ##socialmediagrowthtips ##smallbizownercheck ##smallbizownertips ##socialmediahacks ##hashtaghelp ##smma

♬ original sound - julieschatzmusic

As EventProfs, we're often creating memories & content, sharing pictures online to finally discover someone is stealing our work to brag. Well now you can find and fight copyright image theft with Pixsy!


##duet with @kristenboothphoto Who’s using your photos? ##PhotographyTools ##PhotographerTip ##PhotographerTools ##PhotographyTikTok ##ToolsForPhotographers

♬ original sound - The Fairytale Photographer

This ends our first June #PowerPost for the week! If you like it, please share. If you want to nominate a post this month - let us know at [email protected]!

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