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The Best Social Media from the Events Industry

You should not be reading this as today is National Day of Unplugging. But eh now that you're here, check out the best social media content from this week and then ciao! DM me or send it to [email protected]‌ if we've missed one.


This week was EventWellbeing Day and I hope you've all been able to understand the importance of making the time for your mental health. If you feel like volunteering to support other event professionals by picking up some vital experience in partnership management and event programming, get in touch here!

Attendees experience is a main focus for the positive impact and ROI of your online event. But speakers experience is as important to run a successful event so make sure you spare enough time to prepare them to feel confident.

ISE (Integrated Systems Europe) announced on Monday that they'd be moving forward with the in-person tradeshow for 4 days in Barcelona from June 1st. While this is good news for the events & hospitality industry, there is still doubts on how many companies will let employees fly internationaly and how many attendees will feel confident attending a large scale event.

Podcasts have risen since the pandemic and many related to the events industry. This is a great selection from Liz. I've been very excited with the side hustle topic from Carrie and Juliet, lots of take aways!

For the past year we've all been delivering bad news and it's not been an easy task, preparing is key.


Isn't it refreshing to be reading "business event recovery"? Who else is feeling confident about Q3 2021?

With the fast-pace development of event tech tools it's hard to remember them all and know what they're for. This thread is a great resource summary to keep on hand.

It seems like #eventprofs have been studying this whole time and now it's time for the test, who will pass? Is the future back to past normal, virtual, new normal, hybrid? See Nyomi & Julius thoughts below:

As we've been pledging for science for the past year for the vaccine, I'm glad to see science is on our side #eventprofs to prove our industry is very much needed.

We never have a few minutes to spare as event professionals but we make the time for the next generation supporting the industry. Giving back also means investing in the future, research & development so if you have knowledge or interest in young onset dementia and accessibility, get in touch with Cameron.

For those of you who watched Game of Thrones and are familiar with the "Winter is coming" feeling, I have the same vibe with tweets like these:

In-person events are coming back to Pakistan too and I can feel the joy coming out of this picture and post.

We talk a lot about the events industry and the professionals working in the sector but let's not forget the years of history behind all these event venues!

A new podcast resource for virtual events:

For 320 days, like many others around the globe, the New Orleans Convention Centre was empty. Until this week, it hosted its first large scale tradeshow. Large and affordable convention centres - even located in remote and less accessible cities - will become a new trend as safety will come in the budget mix for in-person events.

Government support discrepancies in the UK and many other countries, the hospitality sector is given VAT benefits, extended furlough but other small businesses and self-employed related to the industry like the pubs or the theatres are being excluded.


Did you check out the Events report from Juliet? What is your strategy? What do you want and need, from our events industry?

I can't tell between sad and funny...

It's a matter of perspective, structure, strategty and more. Watch the full interview here from Black in Events.

For all Gen Z coming up in events, make sure you're ready with your top skills!

Many events lining up on Monday for International Women's Day, here's one to check out:

Follow this account if you are a parent event professional and this will be your daily laugh & enriching learning.


Even in the virtual game, value your time and don't set back on your worth.


RED FLAG 🚩The right clients will pay for you. ##ClientProblems ##MarketersOfTikTok ##FreelancerProblems ##AgencyProblems ##FreelanceTips

♬ original sound - Matt Randone

Twitter Spaces is competing with Clubhouse for the audio chat room social media marketplace. But Twitter Spaces has decided to include Android users who've been feeling excluded from the Clubhouse iOs & invite-only strategy. Well this promises to be fun to watch, who's going to get ahead of the game?


I’m not one to make bets, but Twitter Spaces is coming in hot 👀 ##twitterspaces ##clubhouseapp ##socialmediatrends2021 ##socialmediaplatforms ##audiochat

♬ Clubhouse vs. Twitter Spaces - Shea ✨Digital Marketing✨

Social media platforms to keep an eye out for - well we know Clubhouse already but I did not know the other 3. Could these be used for the eventprofs community?


@dispo /@daviddobrik @herd.app @hiveapp ##socialplatform ##socialmediaplatforms ##socialmediatrends ##socialmediaplatform ##socialmediatrends2021

♬ UCKERS - Shygirl

This ends our first March #PowerPost so get in touch to be included this month: [email protected]

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