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The Best Social Media from the Events Industry

There are many important dates to celebrate every year, but today, my dear #Eventprofs community, is not only Friday but also National Gin and Tonic Day 2021.

So pour yourself a glass and feel the spring vibes with the best social media content from the past 2 weeks. DM me or send it to [email protected]ā€Œ if I've missed one.


Since we're now all becoming speakers & MCs, here are some top tips to boost your confidence!

When you're a teenager, at school you're obliged to read books. Then you reach your 30s and you're excited to join a book club! I had no idea about this group and I also love book suggestions so thanks for these tips!

Zoom has integrated filters like Instagram. We were all waiting for the make-up filter to make us look bright and shiny so we actually save time before and after!

Worth checking out Exvo platform for virtual events reality:

A great interview worth checking out - valuable personal & professional tips.

It's all about engaging with your audience, and now more than ever, attendees need to be entertained and have a good time while learning. So if you don't go for the hot sauce, try something else but make sure to innovate!

More tips to add to your hybrid event production checklist:


OMG Cannes Lions is going virtual?! JK - we were just waiting for the official announcement...we were kind of expecting it. Most June congresses are following the same strategy.

The Edinburgh International Conference Centre (EICC) will host the TED climate summit on October 12-15, 2021. As we are way behind what governments had agreed to back at COP21, and just before COP26, it's great to see sustainability back as a main topic.

As always Anh launching valuable debates - this one about hybrid events. Join the conversation!

How would you scale your experiences #Eventprofs?


And you how did you celebrate Global Meetings Industry Day (#GMID) on April 8th? In case you were wondering how the events are in South America and in Colombia for instance - well same as everywhere else: social distancing.

Make sure to use music free of rights for your online events and if you know of more royalty free websites please share your tips!

How are you collaborating and supporting other people's businesses?

What is your opinion on volunteering opportunities?

TFWA that was scheduled in June is shifting to virtual only for the 2021 edition. As DJ Khaled would say - "another one".

I just LOVE the concept of testing tools all together as a group of professionals! Thank you for this initiative. Next round: April 20th. Target: Swapcard.

On April 13th, the Legacy market place will be launching live including everything sustainability, engagement & #EventProfs so make sure to sign up!

Event planners mind being like this 24/7:

This was true before covid & now during the virtual era it's still the same. Might actually be worse as companies have no idea how much work is involved in online & hybrid event production...

Different restrictions depending on world region! India's fighting for 200 pax when in Europe we're still not allowed to be more than 6-15 pax in the same room!

Who else takes on the challenge to 1) speak up that fast 2) name as many acronyms as Jason did and 3) successfuly tell you work in events without saying it ?

How much time & effort is needed to grow your instagram account? Follow Sabrina during the month of April to see if this is realistic for you and your brand!

What a creative, peaceful but impacting way to protest for the event industry to be allowed to work again!


Get inspired by these start up success stories & tips:


this is a winner!! šŸ™ŒšŸ» ##marketing ##marketingtips ##learnontiktok ##startup ##growth ##growthmindset

ā™¬ Classical Music - Classical Music

A Clubhouse tool to find the great talks you were looking for & organise them easily: yoyo.club


This is needed. So hard to find Clubhouse rooms šŸ‘šŸ» ##clubhouse ##marketingtips ##marketing ##learnontiktok ##tiktoktips

ā™¬ Be Encouraged - Kiefer

This ends our first April #PowerPost so get in touch to be included: [email protected]

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