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Today starts the UEFA Euro 2021 and celebrates the tournament’s 60th anniversary. Even if we're not football fans, Eventprofs, especially from Europe, will be keeping an eye out as all 11 host cities will welcome fans back to selected stadiums, albeit at reduced capacity. In times when we all miss hugs from friends and families, will we see gatherings and celebrations with no social distancing?

Now let's see the best social media content fresh from this week! DM me or send it to [email protected]‌ if I've missed one.


So much positive energy here from Meg and great Event Tech Live topic regarding Accessibility of Events.

International Confex is upon us 22nd of June. Who's tuning in?

The shorted the better right? Let's avoid wasting everyone's time ok?

Very interesting question from Fab: who managed to get support from government or European grants for their business during covid times?

We hear much less people talking about Twitter Spaces compared to Clubhouse for some reason? How is your experience using it? Here's a good talk coming from Word of Mice related to our industry if you want to tune in!

Story telling is always very inspiring. Your remember when you were a kid asking your parent to tell you a story? Well this feeling is inside each of us and that's why we are captivated when you tell your audience how the story of your brand started!

Visibility is key for your brand and companies who are showing up physically today will definitely earn some market share! This competition will benefit event businesses.

C&IT has announced their A-list of event planners under 35 and many of the stars we're following have made it. Congrats for the hard work!


Interesting partnership to keep an eye on as we'll see improvements I'm sure!

The kid in me is thrilled, how awesome is it to broadcast from Disneyland Paris as a digital venue?

Great piece of advice for presentations: don't forget that readers are in the room but also on screens now in the hybrid events world!

EventProfs know the value of their work but if you ever need to convince someone outside of our industry, these numbers speak for themselves.

Being back to business is one thing but being profitable is another for both the Hospitality & Events sectors.

Bad news for the Hyatt brand closing a 5* hotel in Mumbai because of COVID. Is this the beginning or the end?


4-day-week for EventProfs, is this a possibility? Is this the future especially in Europe where healthy family-work balance is valued?

But is it ok for clients to make amendments at 2am for an event happening the same day and expecting you to deprive your whole team of sleep to meet their demand?

I'm just wondering in terms of covid safety, how do you desinfect sand? JK amazing sustainable venue!

What we all need to be reminded of regarding engagement / awareness / growth:


Follow this account for new viral trends you can apply to your business social media strategy so you save browsing time.


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♬ Kiss Me More (feat. SZA) - Doja Cat

Are you ready to grow your channel on Youtube but you don't have much time? This is going to help you:


Ready to grow on YouTube?! Free VidIQ trial in my bliooo. ##digitalmarketer ##smallyoutube ##youtubechannel ##funnelhacker ##smm ##businessowners##mombiz

♬ original sound - Rachel Pedersen

This ends our #PowerPost for the week! If you like it, please share. If you want to nominate a post this month - let us know at [email protected]!

PS: Little bonus on autopromotion of the Power Post from Event Heist with Fab:

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