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The Best Social Media from the Events Industry

How was your week fellow event professionals? I feel like there was a huge women coalition right?

Tag along and let's vote for the best social media content from this week! DM me or send it to [email protected]‌ if we've missed one.


In case you live under a rock, Monday was International Women's Day. Did you see the Smart Women in Meetings Awards? Ladies, congrats you're amazing!

#ChooseToChallenge was trendind during this #IWD21 and there's been many interviews of women from the industry sharing advice, experiences and challenges.

Here are some great tips to start online internal meetings with your own teams to bond but also feel the dynamic flowing. We need those for online & virtual large events but the perspective is different when it's one-way broadcasted and you don't see the audience interacting with you.

You can download the handy guide here to get tips for more memorable events to go pass the zoom fatigue everyone's feeling.

Well that is inspiring marketing!

I'll add a LED wall to my Christmas gift list this year 😂

Job openings in the Events industry, if there's demand, that means Events are picking up so hang in there a little longer, the end of the tunnel is near!

Venue bookings are picking up. As we all get zoom fatigue with boring backgrounds, hiring a historical venue is another way to get more attention!


MIPIM, one of the largest real estate congresses happening every year in March in Cannes, originally planned for June 2021 has now been postponed to September 2021. Let's hope this one will happen for the city mostly living from the Film Festival and other large crowd gatherings every year held in the Palais des Congrès.

Many venues and convention centres are working hard to obtain accreditations, such as the GBAC star, from the cleaning industry establishing safe disinfection protocols to ensure staff & attendees safety.

To be honest I don't even have time nor interest to watch the replays either now.

Did you know the Hashtag Awards existed?!

This message should definitely be promoted everywhere as a reminder...


Has everyone seen the movie "On the Basis of Sex"? Great inspiration of women leadership from Ruth Ginsburg's life but also of a feminist male partner and husband support.

Following the Harry & Megan interview with Oprah there's been lots of debates about racism and we need to clear the room here:

We all know it's been 1 year but seeing it written makes it resonate even more:

Who's been able to attend the Female Event Planner's Monday IWD? It's so great to share successes but also learnings and improvements together!

Very well said Chloe! Once government restrictions allow us to organise live events in-person, it does not mean we'll be back in business fully because companies and attendees will still feel scared of being in a room full of people. What will be your reassuring strategy?

I've improved a lot my meeting punctuality skills since working from home too!

Women represent 70% of the eventprofs community. We're all aware of the long days, extra hours and late nights so make sure your team comes back safe and sound!


Digital marketer & Eventprofs influencers, for all your instagram stories make sure not to forget to make your content accessible for hearing impaired guests so now you know how to add subtitles:


Check out the new Instagram feature ##instagramstories ##smallbusiness ##digitalmarketing

♬ original sound - Johni | Marketing & Small Biz

As we're talking #Accessibility let's make it inclusive for people using a screen reader so make sure to write your # properly with capital letters:


##duet with @yourkoreandad Great tip! ##Accessibility ##AccessibilityForAll ##AccessibleForAll ##DisabilityCheck ##HashtagTips

♬ original sound - Nick Cho

On both personal and professional levels, this is a brilliant technique for all of us #EventProfs who are checklists fans:


written post on IG ##over30sclub ##vlogger ##weekendvibes ##productivityhacks ##todolist ##choreday ##adhdinwomen

♬ Sugarcrash! - ElyOtto

This ends our #PowerPost so get in touch to be included this month: [email protected]

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