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The Best Social Media from the Events Industry

Charlie Chaplin was born on April 16th, 1889. English comic actor, filmmaker, and composer, he is well-known for silent films but he also did the Great Dictator where he gives the famous final speech pleading for humanity and unity.

This resonates with the pandemic situation and the EventProfs community.

Now let's see the most inspiring & fun social media content this week fresh from the Events industry!

DM me or send it to [email protected]‌ if I've missed one.


Memes & GIFs are the best! Thanks Rachel for this one!

Planning a 3-day conference? Luxurious budget for a small group of 18 pax? Well get onboard!  Here's a way to avoid distraction - people won't be able to escape once they've signed up!

If you are planning events or content this month, remember that Ramadan has just started so maybe adapt your planning to be inclusive!

Pro tips to get ready for speaking live or pre-recorded! The key to success: PREPARE!

As physical in-person events are slowly crawling their way back into the world, Ashley is our lantern in the safety darkness as she's testing security and sharing tips around the globe.

The positive news we needed to read. Seeing all these hotels closed for such a long time in every city has been so depressing for the events and hospitality industry. Knowing that by early summer 85% of hotels will be opened again is a blessing. Make sure to stop by for food or drinks to support them if you can!

Creating visuals? Want to be diverse & inclusive? Here are great stock image resources for you:

The TedTalk from Max Fellows, well known as the Co-founder of Virtual Events Directory and Elevate is OUT! Watch here


Who's been nice to themselves this week? Catch up on the #EventProfsReboot by drinking your water liters & meditating with Gabby!

Canada's Event professionals gathered online this week for the Event MPI. Only great reviews from what was shared on socials!

I almost thought it was a real congress hall!!

I'm seeing so many event planners starting new positions and that's very encouraging for the industry. Congrats to you all and thank you for sharing the positive energy!

Physical events are also raising awareness on lots of society issues such as domestic abuse. With multiple lockdowns, statistics show there's been an increase in violence. It's essential to answer and support those who are committed to fighting for human rights and against violence of any kind. Charity events need to happen in the online world too, give survivors a voice!

Interesting poll regarding the social audio interest from users. Twitter Spaces is creating more expectations than Clubhouse. Including android users right away has been the competitive advantage of Twitter (well and obviously the platform has been around for longer so it's easier for development and sponsoring to leverage the brand fame).

I mean I have to say quality of life in that sense is a blessing!

It would be interesting to see the analytics of how many attendees would be excited to attend tradeshows & play via virtual reality instead of being face to face in real life. What is your guess, 50/50? I'm team F2F!

Who's ready for the summer already?


Restrictions lifted in the UK this week and lots of gentle reminders for a healthy mindset as we care for our event planners mental health!

April 21st, another online event available about collaborations.

What is your favourite event planning related movie?

A new podcast related to events is available and it's produced by 2 Asian Millenial Women, we already love it!

Who has the full safety checklist ?


Which hashtag research app do you use for your social posts? To grow organically you can test hashtag.expert.


@hashtagexpert is a GAME CHANGER, we LOVE to see it ##instagramtips ##instagramalgorithm ##instagramhacks ##digitalmarketingtips ##digitalmarketing

♬ original sound - SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGIST

Call To Actions. We see them everywhere, all the same, we don't even notice them anymore. So spice it up:


Get those reservations booked! ##RestaurantTips ##HospitalityManagement ##HotelMarketing ##RestaurantMarketing ##CallToActions ##CallsToAction

♬ Backyard Boy - Claire Rosinkranz

This ends our #PowerPost of the week so get in touch to be included next time: [email protected] I leave you with my most inspiring quote to wish you a fabulous weekend:

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