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Today we're celebrating World Children's Day, promoting international children's welfare. 2020 has affected children's lives around the globe, but kids, like event organisers, are resilient and motivate us to imagine a better world.

#voicesofyouth has been trending this week with UNICEF because of its illustration challenge. They're asking families to "draw your interpretation of the world you want to build after COVID-19".

So maybe take a moment to get creative with your kids today, paint or draw, and join the movement. 😊

Are we here for the best social media content of the week, or what? DM me or send it to [email protected]‌ if we've missed one.


Who else attended the "State of the Event industry - A Research Backed Plan to Venture Into Uncertain Times" virtual event from the Event Manager Blog on November 18th? Some very interesting statistics here.

2022 and 2023 seem far away, but based on these tweets I think we can all be confident live events will be back... 😂  

I wonder what were the criteria for the 2020 Travel Awards considering travel was restricted for most of the year. Either way, congratulations to the winners! It's great to be recognised in tough times.

How do you find the speakers for your virtual events and which requirements do you set to select them? Fame and the sound of a familiar voice are great assets to grab viewers' attention.

‌Another week, another effort to persuade governments to listen. Event professionals continue to pressure governments to allow live events to return. Have you participated?

There's no question that live events create a major impact on the economy. Here's a wonderful slideshow that explains it better than most:

‌With new virtual event platforms popping up every day, are we ready for more innovative formats? Take this 3D / augmented reality gaming format for corporate live events, for example. Would this make it more dynamic to attend virtual events?


There's no question that the gaming industry has seen major growth in 2020 online. Sony recently went back to the streets though to promote the launch of the new Playstation. This is brilliant.

The event sector is full of highly trained and flexible professionals ready to take on any challenge thrown at them. That's why we're so good at what we do and have been able to bounce back from unexpected changes. Thanks for the behind the scenes Emily!

Catering companies have had to get creative too. @hubbubcateringlondon adapted to the new normal with lunch boxes instead of self-service buffet and these look absolutely delicious. Yummy!

Australia celebrated the hybrid Space Awards 2020 event on November 19th. We love the set up here with lots of SPACE for social distancing at the Space Awards. Get it? Punny? No...okay, moving on.

Excellent advice here. Picking your virtual event platform is very similar to selecting your venue. Make sure you consider exactly what goals you need to achieve, and take the time to put some real thought into it before choosing one.


Who's been following the EventHack Hybrid Games with Socio? Finale was on November 19th so check it out!

With Thanksgiving coming up, there's a new challenge with the #Dontbeaturkey and #uficongress. Simple question, inspiring answers. Why do you love the tradeshow industry?


Eventprofs daily life be like:


Of course I had to do it🥰 ##positions @arianagrande ##eventprofs

♬ positions - Ariana Grande

Want to be included next time? Get in touch: [email protected]

Have a joyful weekend and see you next week #eventprofs.

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