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Happy Cultural Diversity Day! Culture suffered from the pandemic with cancelled events, institutions and world heritage sites closed, artists unable to make ends meet, tourism abroad shut down... The event & hospitality sectors are cultural vectors. We have a huge role to play to make sure culture is part of the experience we provide to our clients & attendees.

Here's a TedTalk about diversity, culture, identity, perspective that will make you richer.

Now let's see the best social media content this week fresh from the Events community! DM me or send it to [email protected]‌ if I've missed one.


The World Economic Forum in Singapore has been cancelled, even though August feels far away. Bad news for the live events return but eh baby steps...

We've all seen the WHY....but not much about the HOW. Good point here, we need to share more answers on how to reach these goals.

So Zoom fatigue was already real and to add the cherry on the top, now there's a new virtual event platform!

No more chitchatting with the person sitting next to you in the social distanced set up...

We'll still have to be the bad cop as people vaccinated will feel like superheroes not respecting the basic rules at in-person events.

So in France terrace restaurants have reopened this week for the first time since October 2020. Things are getting better, there's hope!


At a live event, would you make your guests go through a long corridor, then 4 checks & searches, then 10 different door options with no clear signage? NO! Then why do you inflict a bad user experience online?

Do we really need all these meetings?

Sports events coming back to Rwanda:

Is it like riding a bike, you just never forget it?

Looking for a job? Keep your eyes opened at all times even on petrol pumps 😂

Shortage of workforce in the hospitality industry due to Brexit. Could it be also because many have changed sectors during the pandemic?

Corporate live events were never scheduled during the summer time, well seems like virtual events are the same!


Talking venues, in honor of the Swedish DJ Avicii, the Stockholm concert arena rebranded to raise awareness on young peoples' mental health'.

I admit I'm feeling very frustrated to read this as if Governments had just found out that large events were not that risky, when we've spent the last 15 months saying it...

Share your event experience & process with your clients, be honest to be trusted!

Did you know the difference between Virtual and Remote site visits?

Not sure I actually agree with all these facts on virtual events benefits. Depending on the complexity, size, engagement, number of speakers and so on, it might not take less time to plan nor get a higher ROI.

The Tourism International Fair happenned in Madrid and if the King's family joined we can confirm it was a safe event to attend!

In-person events? YES, but SAFE EVENTS! How? Yesterday Kimberly shared her experience.

Booths as hotel rooms? We love the disruptive concept and what a nice way to support the hospitality!

So we're all excited with FRIENDS return and this was ON point!


Instagram made a new step towards inclusivity: you can now add your pronouns into your profile!


Are you going to use this new Instagram feature? ✨ ##newinstagramfeature ##newigfeature ##instagramtips101 ##socialmediatips2021

♬ Blade Runner 2049 - Synthwave Goose

Steller is a travel-inspiration storytelling platform. Should this be the new tool for EventProfs?


🤔##socialgrowth ##tiktokgrowthtips ##smallbusinessmarketingadvice ##smallbizmarketing ##smallbizmarketingtips ##smallbusinessownertips ##smallbizownercheck


A search engine for memes? Have you used Memegine?


a real goodie ✅ ##marketing ##meme ##marketingtips ##learnontiktok

♬ Restless Minds - Yomoti

Because we're always on the search of new content ideas & trends, we check out what others do, on TikTok for instance. Because we're EventProfs we love organising. So now you can organise your saved content from TikTok with PinTok or Odin into folders!


The app we’ve all been waiting for! ##TikTokFavorites ##TikTokTool ##TikTokTip ##FavoriteTikToks ##OrganizeTikTok ##PinTok

♬ original sound - Dodo

This ends our #PowerPost for the week! If you like it, please share. If you want to nominate a post for next week - let us know at [email protected]!

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