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The Akommo team is based in Barcelona, Spain. And today is a very special day for us in Catalonia: World Book Day or as it's called locally "Sant Jordi" (Saint George). On the Catalan Valentine's Day, friends, family members and love partners give each other books & roses. Check out what Barcelona looks like on April 23rd (before covid times...).

Now let's see the crème de la crème social media content this week fresh from the Events industry! DM me or send it to [email protected]‌ if I've missed one.


I'm not on Clubhouse (proud Android user!) so apologies if I don't use the right vocabulary - though I'm seeing a lot of previous app users already shifting away from it. Is it already the end of Clubhouse? If not, which rooms are you following that you'd recommend to our events community?

Is the value you are providing to your audience worth the price you're asking them to pay for?

Kind words some of us might need to read. Don't return to forgetting about your mental health now that things are starting to move.

Deep dive alert. Click on the post to read the full blog. Lots we should get familiar with: the phygital (instead of hybrid), the platform model, ROI & engagement measurement...

A new podcast about the events industry, check it out!

We still have a long road ahead of us to avoid this but it is thanks to people raising their voice like you did that we can level up on diversity & inclusion in & out of our event sector. We should not expect from people to know it all, but we are all able to ask respectfully why to learn from our mistakes.


Are virtual booth working for your sponsors?

Yesterday was Earth Day and as Miguel says, the events industry has a big role to play against climate change. We must move forward and should not go back to our previous mistakes!

Pictures of an event in Shanghai, China. No face masks? 🤨

Who else attended Buses4Homeless? Charity event based on networking & fundraising, what else could you be asking for?


Who is and how are you investing in yourself? Are coaching sessions an investment for you? What are you earning from it? Happy to hear your side of the story!

Are you ready for the next challenge? Volunteering is an investment in yourself so get in touch with Black in Events to grow your career!

A very healthy reminder as we're seeing so many people selling "how to boost your productivity". Being productive does not mean being busy 24/7 but working healthy hours and making the most out of those and THEN enjoying me time for whatever you decide.

What is "experiential events" to you? We've loved this interview and found some great resource of inspiration so dive in.

Cvent (do they even need an introduction?) is calling out for speakers. Up for the challenge?

Diversity & Inclusion is a lot to take on but baby steps will get you there eventually. So today we're talking "sensory accessibility".

How many books do you read every month? We love recommendations so here are your favourite EventProfs with suggestions in honor of World Book and Copyright Day.

If you feel like it's hard for you to set your own boundaries, technology is also here to help. So here's how to set a time limit on your daily time spent on Instagram. PS: great account to follow for social media tips!

The Collision Conference, known as the fastest growing technology conference in North America, was on April 20-22. One of the largest and most influential technology events in the world that attracted almost 40 000 attendees online.

YES Venues are open for business! This is inspiring!

The power of failure and honesty. As Event planners we are wired to avoid mistakes, errors, failures or anything wrong but sometimes they happen and we learn from them.

Earth Day should be every day so let's use these wise words and put them in action.

On April 28-30, #FRO2021 - Fundraising Online conference from the Resource Alliance will focus on digital fundraising, engagement and provide most practical and applicable use of new technologies. Inclusive and accessible to everyone!

Considering security measures and face masks that will be part of our processes until 2022 and over, will you pick the classic FFP2 or something a little more disruptive?


Are you secretly wishing to get viral every day you are posting on social media? There is no secret sauce for this but what YOU can control though is CONSISTENCY!


##duet with @garyvee & the 📈 content you put out, the 📈 the chance that people will see it. It's a numbers game. ##viralstrategies ##digitalmarketing

♬ original sound - Gary Vaynerchuk

And you how do you justify your events to be effective for business?


It's not only about planning it's about justifying the execution of [email protected]@bizbash ##b2bexperience ##b2bmarketing ##eventplanner ##eventtips ##eventprofs

♬ Send Me on My Way - Vibe Street

This ends our #PowerPost of the week so get in touch to be included next time: [email protected]

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