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The Best Social Media from the Events Industry

On Sunday 27th of June, we'll be raising awareness and giving recognition to entrepreneurs, micro, small and medium sized businesses. Because there are plenty of those within the events sector and they've suffered a lot during the pandemic, some might not even have survived it. So from me, from Jason, from the Akommo brand, we congratulate you all small company owners for everything you've done over the years to get to where you are today. It's a bumpy ride but you should be proud of your efforts and successes.

Now let's see the best social media content fresh from this week! DM me or send it to [email protected]‌ if I've missed one.


On Monday June 28th starts IBTM wired, who's speaking/attending?

Signed up for this free event on virtual engagement? Make sure you're connected with all these speakers & rockstars too!

We told you June was busy! Check out the Sustainable Event talk with the London Climate Action Week!

Hybrid event case study to help you get ready!


Pride Month is still on and you could be interested to attend the LGBT+ event on June 30th with educational content on diversity and inclusion focusing on the events sector.

Honoured to be mentioned in the comments by Sabrina for content relevant to our events community!

We were all aware how we needed to book ahead before the pandemic well it got worst so double up on planning earlier!

Mobile World Congress is starting on Monday 28th of June in Barcelona and many of our peers will be joining the fun!

What's your thought about merging personal & work social media accounts?

As EventProfs, we're used to pressure right? This one is too much for us!


Tips to build credibility in the events industry.

So who's ready to go to Puerto Rico? Join the Giveaway, you've got until July 1st!

Dubai is getting ready for the World Expo - countdown: 100 days, October 1st.

2020-2021 have seen a higher commitment to mentoring in all sectors and especially the events industry. Did you sign up yourself to be a mentor/mentee?

Virtual Events planning tips by Esther:

Who attended the Eventicon 2021, June 24-25?

This ends our last #PowerPost for June! If you like it, please share. If you want to nominate a post next month - let us know at [email protected]!

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