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The Best Social Media from the Events Industry

TGIF! And because it's Friday I'll share this random fact: Diana Ross was born on March 26th, 1944. So today take 2 minutes to walk, dance, sing when you're Coming out in this Upside down world and remember that Ain't no mountain high enough you can't overcome. No wind, No rain, Nor winter's cold, can stop the #EventProfs!

Now what was the best social media content from this week you'd ask? It's just down here ⬇️ and DM me or send it to [email protected]‌ if I've missed one.


Leads... Marketing & Sales working hand in hand to make this recovery possible for all of us in the events industry. So keep your efforts up and believe in your strategy because it works:

Sometimes we are so caught up in our daily tasks that we forget to take the necessary distance to analyse, value and readjust strategy to improve - because there is always room for improvement. Thanks for this perspective Max & Nicola!

Great tips to fight Zoom fatigue!

You market and strategise differently for Businesses or Individual Consumers. Should we do the same for Freelancers?

Very insightful to understand the data analysis & engagement rates:

Loving these new quick weekly video updates from EventMB:

Sustainability does not seem to be a priority unfortunately...

Dubai has managed to place itself as a top destination for events since the pandemic. We have surely a lot to learn from there.

Laugh, Yoga and anything uplifting. It looks so exciting - who's attending?


Strong partnerships happening in trade shows & online event platforms! Swapcard with IMEX was announced this week.

Fun fact: From an informal Anh survey, 2/3 of eventprofs are the oldest child. Coincidence or causal link?

We know we have to start with "why" as to define the reason of holding an event. As we continue to create the event, we have to keep this in mind in order to align every decision along the way.

VidCon officially announced a hybrid event for October 2021.

Another large scale experiment happened in the Netherlands. The results will impact positively or negatively the way in-person events will come back and when. ‘Back To Live’, the Dutch test festival, received over 100,000 ticket applicants, this is how bad we want music festivals to come back. Let's hope everything went well!


Do not undervalue your potential nor profession and write your own definition:

Is your company or yourself an expert in these 4 areas? Do you actually need to be or should focusing on 1 or 2 be better?

Isn't this the type of feedback you want to hear from everybody?

Now that we've all been working from home, what will be your decision: Remote or in the office or hybrid?

These days you're doubting why you've chosen to become an event planner?

The voice of the future has to be heard!

This box is amazing! Only for UK residents - you've got until March 31st to win it! I wish other European countries could play too!

We love checklists so that's a good one to keep on hand:

2021 is all about collaborations so find one that not only will make you and your company more successful but where both partners earn & learn from each other!

There's a new mentoring kid on the block! In 2020, we've been through the pandemic together, now in 2021 mentee or mentor, we 're all learning from each others so spare some time to give back one way or another!


What if instead of bragging about successful events we were to share our failures so we could all learn and improve together? Check out this incredible podcast!


Check theplanbpodcast.com 🎙Available on all ##podcast platforms 🙌🏼 ##entrepreneurtiktok ##educationtiktok

♬ original sound - Keep it simple, stupid 🤓

Who else has received so many of these sales pitch Linkedin messages? So who will do the inspirational quote TikTok trend for EventProfs?


##inspirational ##quotes ##linkedin ##salespitch

♬ A Thousand Miles - Vanessa Carlton

Ready to become a millionaire? If not these are still motivational tips & habits to implement or at least try out to see how you like it!


Reply to @letsjustdobetter 11 more habits of self made millionaires!! ##selfmadebabe ##millionairehabits ##futuremillionaire ##successhabits ##funnelhacker

♬ original sound - Rachel Pedersen

And for the bonus: Entertaining Over vs. Under-rated marketing live with Jason & Sabrina!

This ends our last March #PowerPost so get in touch to be included next month: [email protected]

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