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The Best Social Media from the Events Industry

This week was the anniversary of George Floyd's death. The world will always have that painful reminder to lead the Black Lives Matter movement for societal change. Since May 25th, 2020, many EventProfs have taken a stand and became advocates for not only this cause but for diversity & inclusion in general within the industry and in the society.

Our Events sector is full of influential and talented professionals, from any country, ethnic group, religion, age, gender, sexuality and skin colour. Let's see their best social media content fresh from this week! DM me or send it to [email protected]‌ if I've missed one.


Sabrina reminds us why Linkedin was created. Engaging with your connections is what makes it a social media platform, it's not just a business card.

Would you agree that content is no longer one of the top elements in the decision process to attend an event?

Tune in next week to see if Colombia could be a great fit for your next event destination.

4500 people with no social distancing and ZERO covid case in the O2 Arena? I'm not crying, you're crying!

Check out the engaging platform coming from Showcare. Who's tested it?

Youtube channels for the Events industry! The list we always needed. Thanks Bob for putting it together!

Next week June kicks off and we've got a date with a LOOOOT of virtual events because yes June is a busy event month in general. This one will be for event tech learning.

Many people out of jobs and out of business. Thank you for sharing your story and even in the hard times, we're together standing as long as we can. We hope you find a new business adventure to start!

Competing with summer is just not possible. That's probably why there's no virtual events in July & August?

Madrid, Spain: FITUR tradeshow. "5000 Exhibitors from 55 countries with 62000 professionals getting together and an additional 40000 who participated digitally." 😎


Fast Forward15 UK was a success as many of our favourite UK EventProfs gathered IN PERSON! Yoohoo this is real!

Breaking news in the Events world? Hybrid events aren't actually that new...

This video is simply beautiful, caring and full of positive energy! Hospitality is making a great comeback, it's heart warming.

Glastonbury festival was celebrated online this year #LiveAtWorthyFarm but watching concerts on TV is simply not the same experience and even worse when the livestream has serious technical issues. Guests are asking for refunds. Event organisers MAKE SURE YOU ARE READY!

More than 1000 attendees in the Congress Palace of Valencia in Spain. Another successful in person return, keep them coming!


Sometimes being a politian & a celebrity is not easy to manage...and you forget to make the right announcement first...UK true story!

With the return to live events heating up, we're all in need of tips for the final steps to be fully ready!

The EventMind team is putting together a quarterly magazine with online events tips. You can download the first one for free here.

Best inspirational quotes from EventProfs put together by Sabrina as a social media content idea!

The Eurovision finale happened on May 22nd in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Many guests have been luckily attending in a safe venue with live event restrictions managed. A great example of how the events industry can safely provide events!

A gentle reminder for Mental Health. Very very true.

A new initiative for young event planners to get some experience in the UK:

Which was your first in-person event post-pandemic?

Probably the most beautiful event organised this month: a child's birthday in Gaza. Disruptive venue indeed but the greater purpose of all!


With so many EventProfs looking for a new job or companies now hiring, many are using Linkedin, which makes sense as a professional social media platform for networking. Now, would you trust TikTok for this? It's where Gen Z is so would make sense. What's your opinion?


@tiktok going after ##linkedin? ##honeybeesocial ##jobrecruitment ##jobhunting ##aussiebusinesses ##linkedinheadshot ##jobhunter


To make your website accessible to all and be a true advocate for diversity & inclusion you can test your accessibility here! Our website scores 86/100 not bad!


##duet with @blogandmakemoney Small things to help your site! ##ADACompliance ##WebAccessibility ##WebsiteTip ##WebDesignTip ##WebsiteAdvice

♬ Buss It - Erica Banks

This ends our last May #PowerPost for the week! If you like it, please share. If you want to nominate a post for June - let us know at [email protected]!

PS: Overrated vs. Underrated - another fantasticly fun must-watch episode from Sabrina & Jason!

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