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Happy International Jazz Day! Wether you like the music or not, jazz promotes tolerance, freedom of expression, unity, peace, gender equality, creativity and has played a role in social change. These are values we relate to in the events industry too so here's your playlist of the day!

Now let's see the jazzy social media content this week fresh from the Events community! DM me or send it to [email protected]‌ if I've missed one.


Did you attend EventApp2021? The mobile event tech from EventMB on April 28th? Many key take aways to improve the online experience for attendees & provide value for money to your company, your sponsors but also your guests.

Companies are hiring Event roles so hang in tight - WE ARE BACK IN BUSINESS! Here's a list for Australia put together by Fab:

"No mask, no social distancing (optional) but a prior 24-hour negative Covid-19 test result is required." ACC Liverpool running a blueprint for the event industry in the UK... 👀 We love the energy and thank you Holly for sharing behind the scenes!

Another Event related podcast. I'm starting to loose count, I'll put together a list for everyone to pick from.

We will obviously face some reluctant guests not respecting the rules, I guess the same as with kids, we'll just have to repeat over and over...


Every Monday, on this twitter account @themiceblogHQ follow and take action in the EventPlannersTalk. This week was about audio content so lots about podcast and clubhouse. Large list of podcast in the comments of this question below.

The Olympic Games #Tokyo2020 will be VIRTUAL.

This is what governments don't seem to understand: events & weddings are planned sometimes more than a year in advance so we need clarity to organise the future.

Events are also coming back in South Africa with a body positive attitude!

We've lost a lot on the glamourous set up, stage and venue but it's still nice to see the behind the scenes. And we're grateful technology allowed us to celebrate awards ceremony during the pandemic.

Who else is out of pen in the house since lockdowns? We miss our hotel hospitality!


Still trying to catch attention and reach engagement? 4 ideas for your hybrid event:

Networking can be stressful for some and having a little plan is always helpful so here's for you to start:

Do you feel ready for virtual reality? If you are not, how will you convince attendees & stakeholders?

So who got some of that secret sauce from Sabrina to optimise onlie visibility EventProfs?

So this happened...Vaccinated people can take off their masks outdoors. How do you plan on tracking this at your physical events?

Nyomi with Bianca have lunched a coaching and marketing fusion 4-week-intensive programme for professional and personal success:

While we are focusing on setting goals for ourselves, we are forgetting to set our standards to reach those goals when they should be aligned to work together.

April 28th was SuperHero Day, celebrating firefighters, medical staff etc. Call me audacious but YES we, Event planners, are also superheroes with super powers so find yours to glow!

After seeing this, are you sure you prefer live in-person events or best to stick to virtual until September? 😂

Email marketing is not dead - our mailboxes are full but not fool - so make sure to have the right approach and follow these tips:

Being in the Events industry is linked to being in the Creative industry. If you don't have the creativity yourself, you can always find partners to help you. Join the Clubhouse table:

As we talk engagement for events, your audience needs to see the value they'll get from it. So your speakers don't necessarily have to be famous, they need to be worth knowing for the knowledge and experience they'll share.

The sustainable event buyer's guide 2021 is available curated by the Event Industry News.

Do you speak walkies? Thanks for the translation!


Did you think that posting before or after a certain hour was best for engagement? Follow the maths.


🚨💯🚨##socialmediaexpert ##tiktokgrowthhelp ##socialmediagrowthtips ##brandpartnerships ##smallbizgrowth ##smallbusinessgrowth ##smallbizownercheck

♬ Pascal Letoublon - Friendships(Remix) - 杨邪

How do you transcribe website SEO and social media in the physical world so it's crystal clear?


Difference between ##websiteseo and ##socialmedia. ##honeybeesocial ##websitesearch ##smallbiztipsandtrips ##aussiebusinesses

♬ Levitating (feat. DaBaby) - Dua Lipa

Is Marketing an art or science? The ideal package to be a great marketer is to be both analytical and creative I guess?


Reply to @rajgate0791 without a strategy, ✨creativity.✨ will burn you out in the long term. Do you agree? 👇🏼 ##businessstrategy #

♬ original sound - Sonya | Marketing & Strategy

Networking through a pandemic - no more business card needed! Poptaps is a tool to share your details with a tap. Is it sustainable & GDPR friendly?


Have you seen this tool yet?! @poptaps 🤩🤩🤩 ##businesstool ##networking101 ##networkingbiz ##smallbiztipaandtricks ##sponsoredcontent

♬ I Can Feel It (Christmas Instrumental) - Nick Sena and Danny Echevarria

This ends our last April #PowerPost so get in touch to be included next month in May: [email protected]

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