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Dear Readers, Watchers, and Listeners,

I'd like to tell you a little story about the birth of this project. It may take a few minutes, but in the end you'll see what we hope to achieve in this little corner of the Internet.

It begins when the sky started falling in February of 2020.

Mobile World Congress in Barcelona cancelled, and one by one every single major event around the globe followed suit. Demand for live events dropped to zero overnight. Z-E-R-O.

It was armageddon. The apocalypse. MICE destruction.

Every person I spoke to - colleagues, partners, customers, suppliers - was in shock. Business disappeared and no one had a clue as to when it would return.

But as we all hid in our homes, something happened. We began to find each other online. More than that, the industry began to actively and earnestly connect in the digital space. We found comfort and compassion on Instagram. We found insights, inspiration, and empathy on LinkedIn.

We formed a digital tribe.

The industry became a hotbed of creativity. New videos were published. Podcasts were playing. Webinars and online networking were everywhere. The industry stood up together and declared “We will not be giving up, thank you very much."

Rather than sulking, we leaned on our fantastic creators and passionate thinkers. Voices across the internet on different web pages and social networks began to provide incredible value for those who were listening.

But it felt like these voices were spread all across the internet, scattered across news outlets, blogs, LinkedIn posts and tweets. Sometimes the best content was hard to find.

As I lay awake at night (like most other eventprofs at the time), one question kept boomeranging back to me. "As an event professional, where do you go to find the best industry content, aggregated and delivered in a fresh and engaging way?"

This question fuelled the creation of MICE HQ and its four point mission:

To spotlight the MICE industry’s best written, video, and audio content.
To deliver it in a fresh, concise, and visual style.
To collaborate with the best creators and thought leaders.
To include views from destinations around the world.

I hear you. Sounds nice, but what does that actually mean. What is MICE HQ?

MICE HQ is a space for us to share content we believe is important. We will publish our own thoughts and ideas. But there will also be stories from leading creators, eventprofs, hotels, destinations, venues, suppliers, and experts in the industry. It's a place where anyone’s message can be shared, as long as it’s highly relevant and high quality.

We are also launching a short, dynamic newsletter called “MICE Mondays”, delivered to your inbox only once a week on Monday mornings. It's a concise and entertaining summary of the week’s top industry stories bundled into a non-intrusive email. I promise it will never take you longer than 5 minutes to read. You can sign up here.

We're creating a community of the most dynamic, fun, knowledgeable, and authentic event experts on the planet. On these pages, I encourage you to read, watch, listen and comment. I urge you to share your content and ideas with us too.

Let's collaborate. Let's be authentic. Let's learn from each other.

I do hope you will join us.


Jason Greenman

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