The virtual event platform your audience will love.

Whether you do it yourself or ask one of our experts to help you, with Backstage and the Marketplace you can easily build end-to-end digital experiences that fit all your needs.

Build a virtual event, live show, customer community or a learning program once and share it on iOS, Android and web.

SpotMe is a virtual event platform that brings events to your audience, wherever they are. Give your attendees a venue that is both web and mobile friendly with our intuitive interface and personalized tools.

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Turn your event audience into a collaborative digital community with our platform’s activity feed. By using our virtual event software, your guests will easily find their next sessions and interact with one another. Share pre-recorded videos from event speakers, include users’ content, and pin key content at the top of the feed to display important meeting, webinar, or conference updates.


Maximum Attendees - 10000+
Platform Pricing - Starting from 100€/month

Platform Features

Event ChatPollingTicket SalesEvent RegistrationAnalytics & Reporting
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